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Registered Retirement Savings Plans


Ensure your financial security for the later years in life with a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) through Quantum Financial Planning. As your Mississauga financial advisor, we provide customized insurance and investment advice for clients throughout the GTA.

Why Should You Start an RRSP?

Money earned within a RRSP is sheltered from taxation and the contributions you make reduce your taxable income during the year of contribution. You can effectively reduce your tax liability while saving for retirement. RRSPs are available for you or your spouse. When you begin to withdraw your funds, chances are you will be in a lower tax bracket than during your prime earning years. You will benefit from this lower tax rate.

Your Options at Retirement

  • Withdrawal as a lump sum and pay tax on it
  • Get regular income through an annuity plan. Payments are fully taxed
  • Transfer money to a registered retirement income fund
  • Combination of the choices above

Start Saving – Book an Appointment

With the high cost of living and rising inflation, it makes sense to add more financial security to your retirement. Your employer pension alone will likely not be sufficient. Consult with the friendly professionals at Quantum Financial Planning to get started. We can guide you through any questions you have regarding contributions, deduction limits and other tax concerns.